Jun 6, 2007

Who owns the dance No Re-entry?• Syck In Head vs. Dr. Bird

The No Re-entry dance has been picking up momentum at Fras Thursdays and other hot dancehall events. With its popularity comes the claim for ownership, but the title can only go to one person and that’s the creator, who is none other than Syck In Head aka 50the Magnificent from the Fras Krew. Since Syck In Head created the move over a year ago,it has been creating a lot of waves. There is definitely no contest of ownership as since its launch the dance was also copyrighted by the owner.

However, recently there has been some controversy brewing in the dancehall whether the dance belongs to Dr. Bird or Syck In Head. Commenting on the power struggle for the popular dance, Syck In Head said, “Now all of a sudden dis‘want back a buss dancer’ si mi dance an a try claim it, because he is more known and Syck In Head just come and buss too quick. “A suh him and him dancer friends a seh. To how di man desperate, him go write di tune fi mi dance and call it ‘New York’ – ‘New York’ in his tune. Him seh walk yu walk and talk yu talk, suh mi go a studio with Capital T and build a riddim for my No Re-Entry fi counteract yuh song because yuh feel seh I am a easy walk over.” The dancer had words of warning to upcoming dancers so that they don’t get caught “with no leg to stand on” regarding their creative work. “Right now mi justwant di younger dancers dem to know seh dem fi protect dem style and cherish it, because at the end of di daya we sweat and build dem,” he said. “As fi Dr. Bird, yu can’t keep a good man down.Member a mi seh Syck In Head build the Chicken Head dance and di whole world love it. Now mi build No Re-Entry fi mi fans dem and yu wah come tek it, but guess what, yu can’t touch dis.” You can find more information about Sick In Head at www.myspace.com/sickinheadz Technorati Cosmos: related links

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