Jul 15, 2007

A.T.I Negril The Real Deal - Spiritz + Yush = a R#ss Party

These two ever successful events join forces to slam Negril with 2 PARTIES IN 1 on Saturday August 4th . Both parties promise a night of pure vibes, pure niceness and pure Appleton on top of Appleton. So A.T.I fans be ready to step into the posh setting of Spiritz Mardi Gras and "Do the Deeds to get the Beads" while jamming to the popular sounds of Richie D and Arif Cooper.

Then PULL UP!! round the back of Chances? and enjoy YUSH! No Long Talking. Just Dancing! on the beach, no holds barred, no long talking. The best music of the 90s. Straight. Stone Love?

Both events are ALL INCLUSIVE VIBES. i.e. DRINK ALL NIGHT ADMISSION: $1,500 (included with your $7,500 for 7 parties ATI season band)


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