Jul 29, 2007

Beenie Man wants a Divorce

All the speculation and doubt about the depth of Beenie Man and D'Angel's marital problems were confirmed on Wednesday night when the two had an open argument during an interview on popular local radio station, IRIE FM. Confirmation was also given last on Sturday on the popular local television programme ON STAGE. On Wednesday night during IRIE FM interview the two openned their private life and martial business to the public as they never held back their emotions as they tossed words back and forth, accusing each other of cheating and physical abuse, which caused the marriage to deteriorate.

"Moses is the one who left his marital home," D'Angel blamed. "Because of what he has been doing to me here in front of his son, that is what I am saying, and I have to set an example for my son. I have to live an exemplary life for my son. Moses is the one and I have proof. So Moses, stop lie! I have proof about everything. You move on with your life and the whole Jamaica see what you have been doing to me. I have been quiet about things. Moses, don't get me out."

He went on to further explain that it was because she had cheated why the relationship had ended. "You see it, that is the reason why me and har left. Nothing else," Beenie said.

Since they tied the knot just under a year ago, on August 22, 2006, there had been speculations that the marriage might not survive until its first anniversary.

Signs of an impending break-up started to be seen when the couple reportedly began having arguments that at times became physical. Based on Beenie's interview on Wednesday, the arguments were caused by his discovery of evidence that his wife was cheating; "... If me find out seh mi woman have a man of course mi a lose it. Mi a go go in har face of course."

While Beenie has accused his wife of cheating, other persons have said that his 'flirting' ways is what has caused the split. Most recently, a photo with 'The Doctor' posing with upcoming artiste Barbee at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay have only added fuel to the fire. While Barbee claimed that 'The Doctor' is not my 'sugar' in an article in THE STAR yesterday, D'Angel, in the previous day's publication, stated that it looked suspicious.

Things seem to have got so bad now between the two that Beenie declared on Wednesday's programme that he has every right to take back his wedding ring.

"Jesus Christ man! You married to a woman and she have a next man. She don't deserve the ring so you a tek it back ... because if you a tell your woman from April seh cut this thing yah. This thing yah no look good because people a talk wid it and people a seh dis. People a tell mi seh a mi and the man keep har party and all of these things ... Then mi no mus tek back the ring dread," Beenie said.

The deejay later apologised for the public airing of his battle with his wife as he declared: "To all of mi fans dem mi apologise. Mi neva meant for it to be out. Jah know."

On Saurday night the Deejay once again told the story of how his wife is cheating, and also how it affect him both mentally and physically when ask waht was the next step the Beenie Man simply indicated that divorcing the D'Angel would the next step as he is totally unhappy. Print Page


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