Jul 29, 2007

Akon's "Blame It On Me" song apologizes to Danah Alleyne

American singer Akon's "Blame It On Me" song in which he "apologizes" for dancing lewdly with Danah Alleyne, daughter of a local pastor, at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain is set to become an international hit with Akon set to re-release his album. "Blame It On Me", however, was already released to radio stations on June 27 as a single. The song leaked on June 13, a few days before it became available on Akon's MySpace page. It was then placed on iTunes on July 17 and attained the number one position on two separate days, July 21 and July 23.

On Thursday last, "Sorry, Blame It On Me" debuted at number seven on the August 4 issue of the weekly singles chart of so-called "bible of pop music", the Billboard Hot 100 and seems destined to reach number one both in the United States and other countries, once an accompanying video is released within the next month.

Indeed, the Port of Spain Zen venue, seizing the time, has now taken to advertising itself as being " world famous", giving it a cachet that can attract to its premises even more local fans of song and dance.

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