Jul 8, 2007

Beer Vibes Review: Fire Links aka Mr. Beer Vibes, Will He Take Fully Loaded

Firelinks a.k.a Mr. Ras was in awesome form this morning at the rejuvenated R.A.S Beer Vibes event at Caymanas.

The selector demolished fellow selectors Jazzy T from Renaissance, Black Chiney and former protege Cutty of Coppershot Disco in a memorable return to a session that has written a whole chapter in the annals of sound clashes and dancehall music.

“People, when mi drive in mi see Black Chiney ah batter fi life, so tell who call me name?”

The audience shouted names in wicked glee anticipating the ‘almshouse’ which was certain to follow.

“Who? Copperflop?!” he asked.

He then played a dubplate which suggested that ‘Black Chiney love lick, Coppershot lick clit and Jazzy T hood little but him tongue stiff…Pu$$y dem a chew’, and the crowd erupted in a frenzy of ‘fire-torches’ and wild cheers.

Firelinks then played another dub plate which said ‘mi no like diss Chiney people, ah pure dog oonu nyam’ to more crazy forwards, and members of the crowd began running around and jumping with wicked joy.

Firelinks then played a Capleton dub from back in the day, Mi De Ya to R@@s, and then earned a stunning ovation with a Kartel 45, Mi Buss Mi Gun Anywhere on Firelinks’ latest rhythm project.

He then dropped the mike and announced ‘mi gone, mi no have no competition’ and pretended to leave before Mavado’s Gully Side chipped in and he sprinted back to the microphone.

After the crowd quieted down, he addressed Cutty, who had defected from Firelinks’ sound to Coppershot, for what Firelinks said was ‘a visa’.

“Mi send him go small islands and him waan reach Miami,” he said. “Coppershot say dem go fi Cutty ‘cause dem waan lock the garrison dem, but oonu ah damage oonu reputation, uptown no waan see him.”

Later, Biggy who had taken a shellacking at the hands of Coppershot earlier, returned to defend himself and played arguably the best dub plate for his four year career when Busy Signal announced that ‘Black Chiney lick and taste, Shebada Cum to town and live a Jazzy yard’.

Cutty also returned but failed to spark the crowd, allowing Firelinks to annihilate him with a Kartel 45 No Badda Try and the final insult, ‘Sucky, lef the people dem sound'.

The event petered out after that but thousands of people had had a memorable morning of music.


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