Jul 12, 2007

Fireball sitting atop the European Club Music Charts

Synergy TV’s first Soca Star Fireball, is sitting atop the European Club Music Charts this week following the release of a reworked version of his 2007 Carnival hit single "What I Want" in France last month.

The song is signed to legendary House music DJ Bob Sinclar's Yellow Productions music label and is being marketed across Europe as Bob Sinclar presents Fireball. The remixed version, which features an opening rap from Jamaican dancehall artiste Fahrenheit, is currently ahead of US Hip Hop stars 50 Cent's "Straight to the Bank" and Ne-Yo's "Because of You" on the European charts. Fahrenheit is best known as Jamaican dancehall star Sean Paul's "hype man" (back up singer).

Fireball is the second Trini-born soca artiste to have a number one single in Europe. Tobago-born artiste Stafford "Sugar Daddy" Samuel reached number one in the UK, France and Belgium with his single "Sweet Soca" in 2003.

Meantime, Ahong confirmed the deal with Yellow Productions during a phone interview yesterday, but was reluctant to give any specifics on the net worth of the signing.

Bob Sinclar, real name Christophe Le Friant, is a 40-year-old French music producer famous throughout Europe for popularising the "French touch" of house music, with heavy use of sampled and filtered disco strings. He is also producer of the comical "What I Want" video and makes a cameo appearance as a lifeguard.

The video, which was reportedly shot in Los Angeles, USA, starts off with Fireball welcoming a group of nerdy looking women into his middle-of-the-desert summer boot camp. He presents them with individual packages and sends them into a chromed trailer and hits a button labelled hot.


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