Jul 12, 2007

Mr Slaughter asked to return by St. Clair police

Derrick Perreria aka Mr Slaughter, who failed in his bid to turn himself into the St. Clair police on July 10, will attempted to do so again on the Wednesday, apparently there was no warrant for Parriera in the station and therefore he was asked to return.

Slaughter is currently wanted on charges of assault; which arose out of an incident almost a year and a half ago, where a San Fernando resident, Joel White, alleged he had been attacked by Parriera and another artiste on Carnival Monday night (February 28) 2006.

Machel Montano, who is currently on bail arising out of another incident at the Zen nightclub this year, is also expected to be charged in connection with the 2006 incident. Montano is currently out of the country.

Warrants for the arrest of both men were prepared by the St Clair police last week.
After reports about this incident surfaced on Ash Wednesday last year, Parriera denied such a thing occurred, describing it as a lie.


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