Jul 5, 2007

Rihanna to Challenge The ‘Queen of The Weave’

Rihanna will challenge Beyonce for best R&B artist at the Teen Choice Awards. More and more “mainstream” fans are turning against Beyonce so Rihanna may have a shot. The “mainstream” media are always late to the party. A popular newspaper in St. Louis came out with a Beyoncé could use a break and so could her fans story today. They listed the worst of Beyonce:

She thought that whatever she was doing in “Dreamgirls” would land her an Oscar nomination and allowed an unknown “American Idol” reject to steal her thunder.

- She bypassed proper channels in rerecording Des’ree’s “Kissing You” as “Still in Love (Kissing You),” resulting in a lawsuit and the pulling of the deluxe edition of the “B’Day” CD and accompanying DVD off the shelves.

- “Ring the Alarm,” the second single from “B’Day,” was a screeching mess.

-The whole Destiny’s Child fiasco, in which various members were swapped in and out of the group — and during its heyday, of all times.

-Beyoncé’s interviews mostly consist of little more than words like “amazing,” and she’s painfully unequipped when the questions aren’t the usual softballs.


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