Jul 5, 2007

Munga Honourable Ambush Producer Casper

Munga Honourable reportedly had an alteration recently with producer ‘Casper’ which almost turned deadly when Munga allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed at the producer. Cassadie ‘Casper’ Jones confirmed that Munga had attacked him. ‘Casper’ is the producer of Munga’s popular track, Wine Pon It on the Casper Productions label, however, he and Munga have been at loggerheads ever since ‘Munga’ had asked for the song to be one of the leading tracks for his upcoming album.

The incident took place after 'Casper' had just pulled up to his newly opened Hotwire Studio at 30 Red Hills Road two weeks ago. It is reported that Damien ‘Munga’ Rhoden waiting on Casper in the parking lot.

Caster revealed in a recent interview saying,“When me drive in, him start come towards the car door. Mi come out, slam mi door and bounce him off wid mi shoulder and walk away. When mi look, me see Munga pop off knife and start move towards me,”

“Me have me bredrin round me and fi him bredrin de de, so everyone know everyone, so mi tell him fi put down the knife and mek me beat up yu (expletive expletive). And mi just move to him said way, and mi ease him off, and the bredrin dem a hold on pon him, and is like him get way from dem, and juck offa me wid the knife. Him de a couple of metres away from me and still a jook after me, and mi look straight inna him eye when him a do it. Is a coward ting him de pon…if me did ever hold him inna time wid me ego….” he said, sounding extremely angry.

However, ‘Casper’ contends, while he had no problem with the song being on the album, he had refused to simply give Munga his raw files without proper remuneration, or dialogue about future earnings.

“Dem want it on the Munga album, but it is not a problem, however they are not going to get my data files. There has been no proper business approach about it, mi no know what a gwaan, but one thing I know, I am not going to give away my data files,” he said.


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