Jul 3, 2007

Sean Paul connects with his Jewish Roots While on Tour in Israel

Sean Paul and his band visited the Western Wall of Jerusalem's Old City on June 28th. The Jamaican dancehall artist, whose grandfather was Jewish, was looking to connect with his Jewish roots. According to his production team, the visit to the Western Wall and the churches in Jerusalem's Old City, was a realization of Sean's dreams as far as Israel.

Sean Paul was on a three-day visit to Israel, where he began an international tour. Who knew the boy was Jewish...Big Ups to Sean for looking to reconnect with his past...it's like they say you can't know where you're going without knowing where you've been.(more pics below)


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  1. whoa....who knew that the boy was jewish eh gwann? anyways i think that he shouldn't be jewish cuz dem jews got their weird traditions and stuff no offense though i could never be jewish and well i think that he should be christian like most african american or jamiacan rappers and that he'd be labled as an outcast if he was jewish you know what i'm sayin?

    1. AnonymousMay 25, 2018

      You speak a crock of shit. I struggle to discern any sense of what you said.

  2. uh whatever he can be whatever he wants and likes.
    there is no such thing as 'should'

  3. You can't change the fact if your jewish,jewism comes from great great parents...

  4. dude i am jewish and i can tell you, there aren't weird traditions, cristian faith copycat everything from us...

  5. im daddy is a jew and im muma is part chineand black so im have less black in a him dan anyting else. Also di breda was not converting to judaisim connect im jus a connect wid im roots just like im connect wid di black part. be proud of all dat mek up bredda

  6. Sara From TorontoMay 19, 2011

    Every person who wrote on this page can't spell. Please, go back to school. 

  7. he is not jewish, the roots only go after the mother!

  8. sara i cant agree with you more, the english is an absolut disaster.