Aug 29, 2007

Beenie Man's Barbee in Fear for Her Life

Claude Mills and Cecelia Campbell-Livingston reporters from the local Jamaican paper XNews have stumbled upon a story which suggests that Barbee is in fear of her life after a threatening call made to her management team which suggested that “she betta have her bodyguard around her at all times’, and that somebody would ‘fuck her up’.

Sources close to Barbee believe that the threat is coming from a particular female artiste in Jamaica. The threat has not been reported to the relevant police.

In other news the D'Angel allegedly attempted to have Barbee kicked out of 'Fire Tuesday', a popular dance in Tawes Pen, Spanish Town. The drama began at the daytime event at about 2:00 p.m., when Barbee entered the already jam-packed venue, and proceeded to a section of the dance where prominent 'top men' from One Order and the artistes had congregated. Barbee was evidently enjoying herself, as she could be seen gyrating her curvaceous figure to selections from Eraser sound system.

Local Newspaper reporters from The STAR team was in the vicinity, and was duly informed that a female patron who went on her phone immediately when it was announced that 'The Doctor', Beenie Man, had entered the dance, she was later identified as the sister of D'Angel. Surely enough, about 20 minutes later, D'Angel was seen stepping into the event with an irate expression on her face.

According to gang members, they were asked by D'Angel to remove Barbee from the event, as she was "Di girl whe a hol' up di banner fi Spanish Town."

"We rate D'Angel an ting, but Barbee is a artiste too, an wi neva see why we shoulda dis her like dat, so we tell her no - we an D'Angel kris still, she seh she a come party wit we one nex' time when dem (Barbee an Beenie) nuh deh bout an she exchange number an' cut (left)," the top ranking member confirmed.

Beenie Man ft. Barbee - Give it Up


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