Aug 27, 2007

Bembe Thursdays Not Changing No Course.. . No Venue

It has been rumoured that the popular weekly party, ‘Bembe Thursdays’, has outgrown its current venue at Weekenz Bar and Bistro, located at 80 Constant Spring Road in Kingston. However, promoters assure that this is not so.

“Nutt’n like dat, Bembe a guh stay weh it deh. The only thing is that we might keep Bembe anniversary at a different venue,” said Biggy, one of the promoters and selectors at the event. The anniversary is set to take place some time in October, but a date has not yet been finalised.

Biggy says persons might get that impression, “true di place small, but wi a work wid deh suh, because a deh suh di vibes deh.”

Furthermore, Biggy says, “Wah wi a do wid Bembe is watch it, ’cause wi a grow from strength to strength and is not jus we, is a collaboration wid Weekenz.” Biggy admits that Bembe, since its inception just short of a year ago, has grown tremendously in not only popularity but also crowd support.

“It started last year and within the first four weeks we had a full house. I feel that if a nuh di hottest, a one of the top three events inna Jamaica right now. Even last Thursday, wi neva did a guh keep it ’cause wi did a watch di whole election vibe but wi ended up still keeping it an even those who neva hear sey wi a keep it an neva get fi come, dem vex,” he said.

However, Biggy says the faithful fans of Bembe Thursdays need not worry as promoters have been taking steps to ensure their comfort.

“We recently had to expand the venue and started using the outside parking area and we have plans to put a big screen out there and we also set up some club lights and a bar out front, suh wi a try get di place as comfortable as possible an who nuh waan guh inside can stay there and hold a vibe. And the place still well secure, wi have female officers fi search di females and so on and nobody nuh exempt from search, not even artiste,” Biggy said.

souce:Jamaica Star

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