Sep 3, 2007

Barbee and Beenie Man spice it up with new single - 'Paddy Cake' (click on links to listen songs)

'Paddy Cake’ the combination single by Barbee and Beenie has been taking the Jamaican airwaves by storm and is now enjoying a steady rotation on all major stations.

‘Paddy Cake’ is a fun song that will have you singing to the catchy phrase that Barbee and Beenie Man jazzed up in this one-time-hear immediate hit single.

Speaking about ‘Paddy Cake’ Barbee says she wanted to find the right balance that both older and younger listeners can enjoy themselves.

Listening to the track we can safely say that she has succeeded in achieving just that.

Barbee’s other single ‘Light Some Candle’ is now enjoying worldwide airplay and its great vibes coming from some of the jocks that are spinning this one on the turntables.

With the favourable response the two singles are enjoying Barbee and Beenie Man are now in New York putting everything in place for a video medley shoot with the singles.

The video will be shot on location in New York and already the two have completed the auditions for dancers to be included in the shoot, they are now doing wardrobe selection. Come next week everything will be in place for the camera.

In between all that work Barbee is busy in the studio working on tracks for her upcoming album.

The album is expected to be diverse and chock full of songs that should appeal to listeners across the board.

Currently Bar-Bee is working on her third music video for the song PaddyCake as well as her debut album to be released on UrbanDisk Records in the fall of 2007. Under the guidance of longtime music man and artist manager, Will Crittendon, Bar-Bee is poised to be a world-class total artist.

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