Sep 3, 2007

Twin Of Twins gives their take Beenie/D'Angel break-up

The comedic dancehall duo Twin of Twins, who have long had a bitter relationship with Beenie Man, have weighed in on the deejay’s much-debated marital problems with his estranged wife, Michelle 'D’Angel' Downer-Davis.

The twins voiced a song last week Tuesday titled Who Catch Heart Attack, which is done on the Stand By Me instrumental, kicks off with a snippet of an actual IRIE FM radio interview where Beenie Man blurts out in exasperation: ‘mi wife have a man ah New York from April…Jesus Christ man, mi neva waan go there’.

Then the track segues into a rough paraphrasing of a biblical scripture, Matthew 23:12, ‘them that is humble shall be exalted, and them who exalt themselves shall be abased’.

The chorus is simple yet catchy, with someone singing ‘a who’ as background harmony.

The inevitable and expected ‘gal clown’ disses then show up in the verses, and the childish ‘show off bring disgrace’ assertions. However, the twins at their brilliant acerbic best with choice lines like ‘use her spite Killa, now the ting lose taste’ and ‘Beenie tek back the draws and two pillowcase’.

The twins also made reference to the recent public squabble between Beenie Man and D’Angel over the ownership of the record label, M.A.F.I.A House, “Seh him own the House then how come she evict him?”

They even bring up the accusation that Beenie Man had threatened their lives. Last year, the Twins were largely sidelined for several months after an incident where they were soundly booed at Bling Dawg Summer Jam in Portland by dancehall fans after they attempted to diss the ‘Doctor’ at a stage show in eastern Jamaica.

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SOURCE: one876entertainment

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  1. Once again, the Twins prove what huge bitches they are... a nuh nutt'n still... it's very entertaining :D

  2. Nobody even cares about twins of twins. That is why they flop mostly every show they try to do.