Sep 24, 2007

Ce'cile Pregnant for Bounty Killa Yes or No?

Ce'Cile has cleared the air about her pregnancy, yes there is news going around that Cecile is pregnant for the Five Star Alliance General Bounty Killer. Ce'Cile has decided to make a statement to clear up all gossip once and for all. I am recent interview Ce'cile said "No, I am not pregnant, I was never pregnant and I have never been romantically involved with Bounty Killer nor have I ever said that I was."

Sources close to the situation revealed that the rumour started when Ce'Cile decided to test just how rumours can start, due to rumours that had been spread about the artiste in the past.

"It's amazing how things can get out of hand. On Friday June 1st, I appeared on Hype TV's Up & Live to premiere my new video Goody. Anju Val (Hype TV VJ) had mentioned rumours about me having had breast implants. Amused by this new rumour, I remarked that I am never sure how these rumours get started but am intrigued by them. Jokingly, I said to Anju Val that we should start our own rumour and see how far it gets. On live TV, I said, while laughing 'OK Anju, let us say that I am pregnant for you'. It still amazes me that even though I actually said that we were joking about it, people ran with it. But why did Ce'cile choose Bounty killer to be her babyfather?

Ce'cile answered that question by saying "As for Bounty's involvement, I'm not quite sure why his name came up, think we were seen together at an event, and probably because people now thought I was pregnant, they were looking for the baby daddy, so now it's Bounty's baby. I'm still in shock at how this has gotten out of hand".

On September 14, The Jamaica Star printed an article where Ce'Cile denies the pregnancy rumour, however, they mistakenly had her quoted as saying that she started the rumour about her being pregnant for Bounty Killer.

"The rumours don't upset me, people will always say things about people in the public eye, but the fact that I was now being made to look like I started a rumour about being pregnant for Bounty for publicity really upsets me." said Ce'Cile

The Star has since printed an apology (September 20) where they explained that Ce'Cile was misquoted.

"I'm glad that they have apologized. Not sure how many people will read it, but at least they made the gesture. I just want to put this behind me and focus on my work. But I did prove my point. Rumours can be started very easily. People want to talk about people, especially artistes, and they will pick the words that they want to use to create a sensational story"

Now I am wondering who came up with the idea, as last week Foxy Brown revealed that she was not pregnant, so who is stealing who idea, and does Ce'cile deep down want to have Bounty's child?


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