Sep 24, 2007

Young Joc's Hustlenomics H Chain Stolen

It was a costly visit to the UK for American rapper Yung Joc last week. After performing Buy U A Drink with T-Pain at the Mobos, Yung headed to Crystal nightclub in London to make good on his song's promise - with a lot of bling round his neck.

A fight broke out in the club, fists were flying and before he knew it, someone snatched his £75,000 (equal to about US$150,000) necklace .A witness to at the club said, “A fight broke out and T-Pain jumped in to save the necklace but he couldn’t stop the thief running off.” Looks like that drink was a lot more expensive than he thought….

For that amount of money spent on a chain we all know he had insurance on it. 1st it was his horrible album sales and now he parted with that ugly chain seem likes Young Joc cant win or is life been good to him.

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