Sep 23, 2007

Dancehall Artist QQ Freed by Jamaican Authorities

QQ, is now free to preform once again. Reports recieved by partyxtraz staff is that the Jamaican governemnt has given the green light to start performing again by the Jamaican Government; the young dancehall artist was granted a special permit.

In July of this year, QQ who real name is Kareem Dawkins was forced to cancel a number of stage shows abroad as advocates of Jamaica's Child Labour Laws forced the young star to desist from performing claiming that his performance broke Jamaica's Child Labour.

The desist order was given during the the peak of the summer holidays when QQ would have been looking forward to a number of shows, both locally and abroad. This resulted is the lost roughly, over US$40,000 in income that had to be returned to promoters.

However, QQ still made the most of his free time, not on stage, but inside the studios. He current has the street banger "Tek It Dem" and the hottest dance move "Rum Ram".

Meantime, the custody question as to who will be QQ's guardian in the future still hangs in the balance. A judge is to make a final verdict on the matter when both parents appear before the court next Friday for their final hearing.

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