Sep 23, 2007

Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. knock a few of De La Hoya Screws Loose

A STRIPPER who took astonishing snaps of boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya dressed as a woman revealed he loves to float like a butterfly and sing like a SHE during kinky sex games.

The Russian model told News Of The World:

[Oscar De La Hoya] loved to dress up in lingerie. He would strip down naked in front of me and try on outfits. He asked me to bring him clothes he could wear and loved the fishnet tights and wigs

Once he borrowed my glitzy full length sash dress and pranced around the room singing in a woman's voice, saying: ‘Ooooh, look at me'.

But it was all about domination. He would say to me, ‘Please, put me down on my knees and pull my hair'. And he liked to be called Goldie—not Golden Boy. That's what he told me.

Strangely enough the Russian beauty claims that Oscar never wanted to have sex with her. Wait a minute ... That's not strange at all. It makes perfect sense....

The session, in a suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia on May 17, was caught on camera by Milana's pals as Oscar posed in shoulder-high fishnets, black knickers, stilettos and boxing gloves. The 5ft 10ins fighter—who has a record of 223 wins and only five defeats—is also seen posing in his trademark boxing stance.

Milana smiles: "We would always playfight and that night we had a kind of sparring session.

"At one point he was bobbing and weaving in his fishnets, pretending to fight, in his stilettos. It was hilarious. He's got a great physique, but I'm not sure it suits shoulder-length tights."

Over the next few months the group would meet up regularly and as Oscar lost his inhibitions, his demands became ever more bizarre.

source:news of the world

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