Sep 12, 2007

Diddy’s Banned from MTV Unforgivable Commercial

Here’s the Unforgivable ad that was “too racy” for MTV. This from the people who air people smashing on every 3rd episode of The Real World. Anyway, this isn’t nearly as bad as they made it out to be, but it is three damn minutes long.

According to the New York Post, the cable network has asked Diddy to make some edits that would allow them to air the spot, but so far the Bad Boy boss refuses to make the changes. The commercial features Diddy and model Jessica Gomez getting hot and heavy in a hotel room and stairwell. In the scenes, Diddy is shown pulling up Gomez’s skirt and putting his hands under her dress. Another shot features a woman holding Gomez’s breast and pulling down her underwear. In 2006, Diddy faced a similar backlash over a print ad for Unforgivable that pictured him laying in bed with two women.

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