Sep 29, 2007

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans a new book, 'The Vixen Diaries" Summarized

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans a new book, The Vixen Diaries. has described it as BORING!!!!. the staff over there had to read that 180 page piece of trash, but why should you. So they have summarized below all of the interesting parts of the book. And trust us, there really isn't very much interesting in it.

What struck us when reading this garbage is that it's obvious that Superhead ran out of interesting stories in her last book. But what's also obvious is that Superhead has absolutely no idea that she's a jump-off. She talks about al these guys like they care about her. But enough of our commentary, here are the highlights:

On Bill Maher:
Superhead says over and over how much she loves him. But it's obvious by the way she talks about him - that he only sees her as just a jump off. She claims to have had a nervous breakdown when he broke up with her. And that she tried "cutting herself" to ease the pain.

When child services found out what she was doing to herself, they took away her son. The boy was in foster care for two weeks before Superhead could get him back.

On Tisha Campbell:
Superhead claims That Tisha Campbell is jealous of TiChina Arnold because TiChina has a show on the air (Everybody Loves Chris) and Tisha's out of work.

On actor Larenz Tate:
She claims that actor Larenz Tate was "intimidated" by her because she was "more successful than he is."

On Dennis Rodman:
She turned him down because he was "bitter and angry" about being a washed up former celebrity.

On Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri:
She says that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are "Group B" celebrities - That is, that they're not really famous anymore - but they're "trying to stay" famous.

On Teddy Pendegrass:
She claims that Teddy Pendegrass, although a paraplegic, tried to holler at her.

On Bobby Brown:
Superhead claims to have a special friendship with Bobby Brown. She says that they haven't slept together in years. And that Bobby was homeless and she let him stay at her house.

She said the best thing about Bobby was that he was funny (when not high on crack) and that he was good to her son.

The bad thing about Bobby, according to Superhead, is that he would run off for weeks and go smoke crack with friends. And that he would bring all kinds of relatives over to stay with her.

Finally, after Bobby ran off to Vegas to get drunk and smoke crack with Mike Tyson, Superhead kicked him out.

On Ray J:
She claims to have had a brief fling with Ray J. The first time they had sex. she called out Bill Maher's name. They had sex a few more times - each time either Superhead or Ray J left immediately afterwards.

On Mike Tyson:
Superhead said, "His kisses are like uppercuts and his lovemaking is like a title match ... and Mike Tyson is a biter." She continued, "I was in excruciating pain as we continued in this manner for several hours. Finally at the end of our first tryst, I was spent, and covered in bruises and bite marks."

On Antonio Tarver:
She dated Antonio Tarver - flying her son to stay with him after knowing him for only a few weeks. Then she found out that he was engaged and she was just his jump off. But Superhead was classy about the break up. When she saw Antonio kissing his wife she said, "I recall his face and lips between my legs, licking and sucking my cl*t and a**hole. I wonder how I tasted to her."

On Johnnie Gill:
She's now trying to get with singer Johnnie Gill. According to her, Johnnie has been trying to kick it for months and she's been rejecting him. By the end of the book, she was ready to give him a try.

All throughout the book, she constantly talks about how she's famous. We constantly found ourselves wondering out loud, is this dumb chick serious?? Here are a few examples:

When told that she couldn't attend Magic Johnson's party if she didn't come with Bobby Brown, Superhead told the party planner, "I'm a bigger celebrity than Bobby Brown right now"

Superhead made the following statements: "In a life filled with red carpets and black-tie galas, it is sometimes difficult to stay grounded and live in the real world."

"Sometimes I feel guilty for being so successful. I am uncomfortable with it at times and downplay it to friends."

"The beautiful people in Hollywood hide ugly secrets ... We are all smiling and carrying on as if we were not all scared to death of who we are."

"I wear Confession Of a Video Vixen on my sleeve only in Black Hollywood, which, thankfully, is a very small part of Hollywood itself."

"As I glided through the crowd of A-List celebrities and top businesspersons, I knew I belonged there."

Most interesting revelation in the book:
Superhead broke the news to Bobby that Ray J was dating Whitney. She told him, "Ray J is f*cking your wife right now ... and I heard she loves it ... and she should - he is so f*cking good at it."


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