Sep 7, 2007

Kulcha Don says No to Foxy Brown's baby

Dancehall artiste Kulcha Don has denied being the father of rapper Foxy Brown's unborn child. Brown, who is currently serving time behind bars for violating conditions of a probation following a recent arrest, is reportedly three months pregnant.

Kulcha Don, who teamed up with Beenie Man last year on the track Drive You Crazy, said he dated Brown for a few months earlier this year. "I am definitely not the father," he insisted in an interview backstage at the recently concluded Irie Jamboree stage show in New York. "I heard that she is three months pregnant.

She and I broke up almost six months ago. I want to make it clear that despite the rumours and all the things being said, I am not the father of Foxy Brown's unborn child."

The deejay, who is signed to Ruff Nation Music, is originally from Montserrat. "Foxy is going through a lot of things right now, and I just wish her all the best," he said. "She is a very spiritual woman and she goes to her church every Sunday."

Kulcha Don's first professional recording with C&C Music Factory, a remix with Patra in 1995, led to his work with The Fugees on 1997's Original Wuckman. Five years later he was joined by hip-hop masters MOP and Nadine Sutherland on Blood Inna Me Eyes. With appearances by Andy Boy & Jeny, El Feco, Monifa, Andrea Hachett, Chanj and Beenie Man, Kulcha Don's album, It's All About You, proved to be a communal affair. "Dancehall is a very hardcore thing that's limited to a small audience," he said. "What we're doing is expanding that audience by presenting it in a way that's more readily available for large audiences."

SOURCE:Jamaica Observer

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  1. Everyone can be a star in reggae eh?

    Poor Foxy, wonder what Spragga thinking.

    Lazy Jamaica