Sep 8, 2007

Jim Jones Joins G-Unit

Rumors are flying around about 50 Cent scooping up Jim Jones for G-Unit, Diplomat Records President, Freekey Zekey, recently spoke on the rumors via a radio interview to dismiss the notion.

According to Zekey, Jones is not signing to G-Unit, but he is joining 50 Cent on his tour of New York City's five boroughs, despite tension between the artists' cliques in the past.

"Jim is not signing to 50," Zekey explained to North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote of Greensboro's 102 Jamz. "50 got a five borough tour that's poppin' in New York City and it's going to go though each borough -- Bronx, New York, Manhattan, Queens, maybe Staten Island."

"We're gonna show people that everybody can be [at peace in the music industry]. It's about making that cake. Jim is gonna come out and support the situation," he continued.

The tour comes in support of 50 Cent's upcoming album, Curtis, which drops on September 11, the same day as Kanye West's Graduation. The battle for which album will sell more is a huge controversy, helping both artists hype their album.

And in regular 50 fashion, he stirs things up again by aligning himself with Dipset's Jim Jones for his New York tour.

50 Cent has been entangled in a lyrical battle between Dipset commander-in-chief Cam'ron since the two had a rather intense call with each other on New York radio earlier this year.

Zeke explained via his radio interview, both camps are determined to rid themselves of any friction, and instead focus on getting money.

"What it is, is millionaires [are] talking to millionaires and we don't have no time to pull guns out on each other when we pass by each other. It's too much cake [money] out here," Zekey explained. "50 is about to put his album out. Jim [is] about to sign a couple extra million dollar deals on his next album."

As for Jones headed to G-Unit, Zekey responded with "no way, we Dipset 'til the day that we die."

SOURCE: Baller Status

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