Oct 2, 2007

Beenie Man Barred By St Andrew Parish Church

Beenie Man is not only King of Dancehall, but also King of Controversy, this time, it is legal battle with St Andrew Parish church. The church has filed an injunction against the broadcast of his latest music video, a medley of the songs, These Streets and Mama's Cry on the Street Life rhythm. The music video with a medley of songs premiered on ER last weekend will no longer be broadcast after an injunction were filed by the St Andrew Parish church.

This injunction barred Beenie Man from further distributing any more copies of the video, visual images and particles of the church yard or cemetery for the next 28 days. The injunction effectively bars the Beenie Man from publishing, broadcasting or releasing for publication or broadcast in any audiovisual media the music video films or other visual images recorded by Beenie Man's production team.

The production team plans to cut out the cemetery scene which is at least a minute long, and use the 'rest of the video to market the single'.

“Beenie Man is very sorry that they found it offensive,” Mario C told One876Entertainment.com. “We tried to get that section of the video pulled but we were unable to do that last Friday, but we would like to say that we intended no disrespect to the church, and to the rights of the deceased family members."

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