Nov 27, 2007

DÁngel Speaks Out and Reveals the Truth About Beenie Man

...It was agreed that the arrangements for access of Marco Dean by Beenie Man would be discussed through our respective Attorneys...

Michelle Downer-Davis, aka D'Angel went on the offensive today in her on-going battle with Dancehall Super-star Beenie Man. The press release is as follows:

Kingston, Jamaica: - This release is to break the silence on matters concerning my relationship with my husband Moses Davis a.k.a. Beenie Man. In recent times I have restrained myself from discussing the breakdown of our marriage in interviews as I was always of the view that it was a family matter and private.

Over the past five months I have been vilified and maliciously maligned by the lies and comments of Beenie Man and after recent comments made by him in connection with the case in Court I feel I need to speak out and make the public aware of the facts so that this matter will come to an end with the truth.

On the Programme Onstage broadcasted on CVM TV on November 24, 2007, in an interview with Winford Williams the host, Beenie Man made comments which were misleading to the public concerning matters pending in Court.

On the 8th of August 2007 I obtained an interim restraining order against Beenie Man for my personal protection and that of our son Marco Dean. The restraining order which prevented him from having access to Marco Dean was lifted by the Court on the 23rd of August 2007. It was agreed that the arrangements for access of Marco Dean by Beenie Man would be discussed through our respective Attorneys. There was no objection to access on my part as I believed that it was important for Beenie Man to see his son, but arrangements had to be put in place, as there was still a restraining order against him for my protection. Knowing that there was no injunction restricting him from seeing Marco Dean, Beenie Man went on the airwaves and lied to the public that I had an injunction preventing him from seeing his son.

Regarding communications with me concerning Marco Dean, Beenie Man made no attempt to call to enquire about the welfare of his son nor did he provide any maintenance for Marco Dean from he left the matrimonial home in April 2007 until he was ordered by the Court in September to start making interim payments.

When it was expected that his Attorneys would communicate with my Attorney regarding access to see the child, Beenie Man instead came to Court in September and told the Court that he was not sure that Marco Dean was his child and therefore he wanted a DNA Test done. In Court he objected to paying any maintenance for Marco Dean which was being asked for by me and the Judge was lenient to order an interim payment until the DNA Test was done to prove otherwise. Beenie Man therefore in his interviews was irresponsible in misleading the public about the truth of what transpired in Court in September as it related to Marco Dean.

In an interview on Irie FM on November 9, 2007 the day of Marco Dean’s Birthday, he again misled the public about my denying him access to his son. The truth is there could be no discussion of access of Marco Dean by Beenie Man when the issue of Marco Dean’s paternity was yet to be settled in the Court. How could he speak of Marco Dean being his son and that I was preventing him from seeing his son on his birthday when in September he denied being the father? Furthermore since 23rd August, 2007 to this date his Attorney has made no communication to my Attorney to discuss any arrangements for access to Marco Dean, yet he continues to tell the public that there is an injunction preventing him from seeing Marco Dean.

The Court made it clear that the DNA Test and the result should be confidential until the matter was heard in Court. Instead Beenie Man went ONSTAGE and made it public. The DNA Test was done and at the time of his interview on the Programme Moses Davis a.k.a. Beenie Man was fully aware of the outcome of the testing.

I have at all times maintained my dignity despite the lies and malicious statements made by Beenie Man in the media to malign my character and impede my career. The records of events in Court speak for themselves. I would encourage Beenie Man to desist from making false and misleading statements to the public concerning the Court hearing and our marriage and instead to consult with his Attorneys before opening his mouth. Maybe then they will tell him it is wise to keep silent.

Beenie Man has openly remarked that he is moving on with his life. I wish to move on with my life too and wish he would allow me to do so without him having to vilify me in the public’s eyes.

I have always been a faithful wife and a good mother to Marco Dean. I am focussed now on building my career as well as a life for myself and a safe stable loving environment for Marco Dean, ensuring that values of honesty and integrity and respect for persons are instilled in him so that he can grow into a decent respectable young man.

Michelle Downer-Davis



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