Nov 24, 2007


Ne-Yo spoke with Big Tigger on his radio show on Tuesday about being dropped from the R.Kelly ‘Double Up’ tour earlier this week. He said it was foul the they dropped him and it kind of takes it personally. Here are the main points:

- On the Columbus, Georgia stop R.Kelly took over 7 dressing rooms. And Ne-Yo had to fight just to get one.
- No one could be in the hallway while R.Kelly was walking through.
- Concert reviewers were giving Ne-Yo great reviews and R.Kelly must have taken offense.
- Ne-Yo was suppose to get 4 hours to rehearse his set, but they tried to kick him off the stage in 2.
- He also speaks on the Keyshia Cole rumor.

NE-YO speaks with BIG TIGGER on 95.5

Talk about effed up! Anyway, in a press release earlier this week Ne-Yo apologized to his fans about not being able to perform for them.


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