Jan 24, 2008


1 Million Dollar Record Deal from Basement

The wild success of UK rock band Arctic Monkeys has inspired other aspiring rock stars and singers to use the web as a means of getting their music out there and building up a fan base. As music followers will know, the Arctic Monkeys did it with unprecedented success. Last year the quartet made the demos for their first album available as MP3 files on their site arcticmonkeys.com. Buzz about the band quickly spread across the web on message boards and blogs. As a result when they finally did release the album it sold more than 360,000 copies in its first week - the fastest-selling debut in British history

Twenty-four-year-old London based singer Sandi Thom, took a leaf out of Arctic Monkeys book and released her music online via a 21 one show season of live gigs web cast out of her living room. The first performance attracted an audience of 60 but by the end of the season, Thom had an audience of 100,000.

Thomas clever initiative has bagged her a £1 million record deal with Sony BMG UK. Sandi said she got the idea for the tour after the car she used on a real tour constantly broke down. Her debut album, entitled "Smile. It Confuses People", will be released in June. Music minipreneurs are so hot right now.

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