Jan 20, 2008

Judge Responds To Foxy Brown's Release Plea Saying She Wants Proof

The judge who threw Foxy Brown behind bars today (January 17) responded to the rapper’s recent appeal to have her sentence amended and be freed from jail because of her worsening hearing impairment.

Brown, who is currently serving a one year sentence for violating probation, wrote a four page letter to Judge Melissa Jackson on Tuesday (January 15) asking to be released because her hearing was worsening and that the only doctor who could help her with her condition and hearing device is located in California.

Brown suffered sudden hearing loss in 2005 and underwent surgery to reverse her hearing loss. She now wears an electronic ear device which her manager has claimed gives her issues.

According to The Associated Press, Brown's plea was met with strong opposition from Assistant District Attorney Cindy Chung in a hearing Thursday. Chung said Brown had offered no evidence about the medical procedure and that 'an inmate had no right to the doctor of their choice'. “The mere existence of a debilitating health condition does not merit a sentence reduction, even if it is a terminal illness,” Chung argued. “Basically, your honor, this is a desperate and frivolous petition.”

Judge Jackson said she needed more information on Brown’s hearing issues before making decision. She ordered Brown’s lawyer to give the rapper’s medical records to the district attorney, the Department of Correction and the Department of Probation so they could file position papers. Brown, who was present at the hearing, told the judge before leaving the courtroom that she has learned a lot from her sentence including “how to suppress her emotions and make better decisions”

“I have too much talent to throw it away,” Brown told Judge Jackson. “I know I will make you proud and my family proud”. “I'm glad you're learning some very hard lessons that needed to be learned,” Jackson replied.

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