Feb 1, 2008

Norwegian Tourist Robbed by Jamaican Artist Kid Kurup

Just yesterday a rumor broke about a tourist who had been ripped off by a popular deejay while on the island looking to do some investing.

According to the rumor the tourist/ investor had been allegedly swindled out of millions of dollars and personal effects by the deejay after the two became close friends over time. So 876radio.com decided to do some investigating to find out if there was any truth to these claims.

In an exclusive interview with 876radio.com, Mr. Erik Vad, a Norwegian native explained how it all happened. He said he came to Jamaica last year October looking for prospective investments. While on the island he rented a house in Discovery Bay, St. Ann where he stayed and one night while on the social scene he met Kid Kurup.

Mr. Vad said at the time he seemed like a genuine person and so the friendship quickly developed to the point that he asked the deejay to be his driver (seeing he had rented a car but didn’t know the terrain well). He was paid for his services somewhere in the region of J$5,000 - J$10,000 on a weekly or fortnightly basis, plus food and other miscellaneous expenses covered.

However, while scouting out potential investments in the fish farming industry locally (a business he operates in other countries worldwide) and the music industry, Vad says maybe it’s the fact that Kurup is a failing musician and he saw him working on a deal with a prominent producer, but somehow he noticed Kurup’s whole persona started to change and he became very crass and somewhat aggressive. Hence things started to go missing and when asked he would deny the accusations.

A very calm Vad said the artiste stole his rental car which he eventually returned to the rental company, J$400,000 from his brief case, spent U$20,000 off his gold card, stole seven (7) international credit cards, Bvlgari designer belt which he pierced holes in so that it could fit, a U$8,000 watch, his passport, green card, social security card, European health card, a LG Prada phone worth J$40,000 and a 42” Flat Screen television. A friend of the foreigner confirmed that most of the items were returned except for one of the credit cards (which has been frozen), the phone and money.

Apparently another friend of the tourist made a call to someone and soon the deejay got a call from a prominent Area Don who demanded that the stolen goods be returned.

“The man is a pathological liar, womanizer and very abusive, I witness him once use his fist to beat his girlfriend, he does a lot of drugs and when you try to speak to him he gets very angry and loses all sense of reasoning” – Erik added.

Meanwhile, the incident has been reported to the Constant Spring Police Station where Vad is expected to go to make an official statement this Friday.

“Since the incident I saw him once at a gas station and he came over looking like an abandoned child seeking refuge, but even though I am upset I am not going to attack him I will let the police do their job”. Erik told 876radio.com.



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  3. Erik Vad is just a little bitch - I'm sure he gave this guy the credit cards in exchange for a blow job. The funniest thing is he got run off the island - he ran home to Norway like a little girl!!!

  4. Yah what a fag.

  5. Eirik vad is a bad human, hope he will suffer!

  6. AnonymousJune 06, 2014

    If you get in contact with this person, Eirik Vad, get away asap. He, himself, is the conman and had been scamming people their money in Norway.

  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2014

    He is not safe in Norway. Karma is bitch erik vad. ;)

  8. He is noe arrested in Norway, charged for murder... he alledgedly poisoned a musican named Paul simmons.. Hope he get 21 years, wich is maximum in Norway��

  9. What is the status of the Simmons case now?

  10. Its public today, names and pics