Feb 3, 2008

Pressure unveils plans for video for "Love and Affection"

Reggae artist Pressure Buss Pipe is preparing to debut yet another single and its accompanying video from his sophomore album, Love and Affection (Don Corleon Records).

Hailing from St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands, Pressure brings a different flavour to the reggae genre. With his current singles "Ghetto Life" and "Be Free," he fuses positive lyrics and conscious vibes, and continues to grow his fan base by offering something for everyone with his unique style of delivery, which combines singing and rapping or chatting, within the same song.

Pressure is currently unveiling tunes from the new album to fans in California, before heading to New York to shoot the video for his upcoming single, "So Appealing." Produced by award-winning producer Don Corleon, "So Appealing" is a romantic ballad similar to his previous fan favourite, "Love and Affection," and comes just in the nick of time for Valentine's Day. The video will be directed by Rhona Fox and is set to hit airwaves in just a few weeks.



  1. umm St.Thomas is actually in the US Virgin Islands. But otherwise cool article.

  2. can you post Love and Affection mp3? please!!