Feb 12, 2008

Party Review: Cotton Candy "Too Sweet To Beat"

Cotton Candy, held at the Akbar restaurant on Holbourn Road, proved to be just what the tagline promised - Sweet and Sexy.It was at 11:49 pm when the early juggling begun.

Party promoters Dwayne Harris and Stephen Willie made good on there promise of a BlackBerry Pearl as every few minutes patron were reminded about the giveaway. Patrons were also promised enough treats to satisfy even the largest sweet tooth, and some six hours later diehards could still have their fill of the many treats that were available, from cotton candy to liquor-infused snow cones.

Attendance threatened to be a problem, as at midnight the venue had only amassed a crowd that chose to stay close to the bar area, but DJ Arif Cooper took control of the turntables, and moved the party vibe up a couple notches.

DJ Ice took the wheels of steel next , when he did it was no turning back for Cotton Candy. The party gods had smiled, and patrons were far from few. The venue had enough space to accommodate all, and their dancing antics - which proved useful when the sound system unleashed tunes like Vybz Kartel's Seductive Wine, Beenie Man's Back-it-up and Busy Signal's Pon Di Edge.

Nearing 4:00 am, after a vibe-filled set themselves, Coppershot sought to take the vibe down slowly, but this proved to be difficult, as they sent Buju Banton's Position and other oldies dancehall tunes ripping through the New Kingston morning air. Liquor still flowing, sweet treats still available, and music still intoxicating patrons

SOURCE: Jamaica Observer

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