Feb 16, 2008

Vybz Kartel Files For Divorce


In papers filed with the Jamaican Supreme Court, Kartel, whose real name is Adidjah Palmer, alleged that his 31-year-old bride had given birth to a son who was fathered by another man.

He said he had never lived with his wife since the January 9, 2006 private wedding, pictures of which are posted on the Internet. Kartel also provided for the court a copy of the child's birth certificate.

Kartel said also that his wife never visited him in Jamaica after the US revoked his visa to that country some time after the wedding.

The website yardflex.com on which the wedding photos were posted, quoted the artiste on his big day as saying, "... Mi just get up mad and decide fi do it, is like mi get a wedding fever from wha day because my babymother's mother got married recently, and I was the best man for the groom, so I just decided to do it. I flew her in from New York for the wedding, and it's all good, I am in love, I am happy, this is just glorious.

"From the first time I met her, I knew she was special. So we talked a couple of times on the phone, it wasn't a groupie thing, and we just fell in love little by little."

Elliott, who was born in Jamaica, is also quoted in the same story as saying that she too was deeply in love.

SOURCE:Jamaica Observer


  1. That's so messed up . I'd ber mad as hell . now i'm not saying that men should hit women but i would have beat that (lady) to the gave she was gonna end up in!!!! She wasn't in loove ...I say Vybz you can do so much better than that....she wasn't really in love with she was just speak ing word not nothing real!

  2. People dont let this opportunist fool you. A lie him a tell, a never real marriage. Mi hear the girl have her man and pickney and a pay him pay. cause him di want to run away to US. Answer. Mi hear him ship wey him soldiers and leave dem to suffer. a wey dem a go do since the DJ ban. Vybz you man dem a talk dem hungry. you betta send for dem so tek can protect you a jamaica. foreign a no fi you. dem a talk de business

  3. Anonymos I agree with you because him never did love her a true him see him babymother marry and him now know say him no stand a chance with har again thats y him run go marry. thats y god a punish him now cause marriage is not a play thing.Kartel need if go a chunch and start over again with gospel because him reggea career dun with all the fight him a get locally and internationally.I love him lyrics still but when black and white people ready fi fight u, u no stand a chance so gone go seek god and mek mi cleanse u.

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  5. Good thing he got divorced he deserves better than that.!! whoop whoop