Feb 8, 2008

Vybz Kartel Plans To SueThe Gleaner Over Revealing Photos

..."The photos were taken outside of the jurisdiction of Jamaica. None of what appears in the photograph is authentic."...

Top flight deejays Vybz Kartel and Aidonia are in consultations with their legal team with a view to taking legal action against The Gleaner Co. Ltd. with regard to the publication of a particular photograph on the front page of the Daily Star published February 7, 2008.

“We view with some concern the publishing of a photo by The Star in circumstances where the authenticity of the document as well as its origin is not known by the newspaper especially in circumstances where that same newspaper has certain ethical guidelines which it has laid down for itself with respect to news reporting,” Valerie Neita-Robertson, who represents both deejays, said in a statement.

“Both deejays have always indicated that they do not support violence in any form and have openly stated that on and off the stage. The deejays are presently consulting with their attorneys with a view to taking legal action against the newspaper.”

Mrs. Neita-Robertson also criticized the manner in which the police acted in the matter.

“The police put the information on the news media first. No attempt was made to contact them first. How can you contact them over the media? That is not how police are supposed to operate; they should lift themselves above that sort of thing.”

Mrs. Neita-Robertson also challenged the police’s assertion that the items photographed were authentic.

“The photos were taken outside of the jurisdiction of Jamaica. None of what appears in the photograph is authentic.”

For his part, Vybz Kartel reiterated his lawyer’s statements with regard to pursuing legal action.

“It is very malicious on the part of the Star to publish a picture without first ascertaining the origin of the photo or confirming the authenticity of the picture and/or its content and as such I have no choice but to take legal action against the Gleaner Co. Ltd. because it is obvious they are seeking to defame my character,” he said.

Neither Vybz Kartel or Aidonia has yet been interviewed by Operation Kingfish authorities.



  1. Who nuh promote violence....mek kartel move im dutty blood claat from yah..... a im mek so much tings a gwaan in a waterford.

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2009

    it seems as if the kartel dont understand what promoting violence means so go back boy and listen to what comes out of u dutty mouth