Apr 16, 2008

Mavado Endorse Barrack Obama

I just came across this song yesterday from one of Jamaica's biggest dancehall stars, Mavado. It's actually a remix of a huge hit he has right now. Truth be told, most of Mavado's music is gangsterish posturing but it just goes to show how deep Obama's impact is.

I also decided to included the youtube video of the Mighty Sparrow's 'Barack the Magnificent'. Now, the Mighty Sparrow is from Trinidad and regarded as the greatest calypso singer alive - he's quite at the other end of the spectrum from Mavado - he's 73, sings a completely different style of Caribbean music, lives quite at the other end of the Caribbean in the other main cultural power of the West Indies.

I found it pretty amazing because you can't get two more different Caribbean artists than Mavado and Sparrow- they are also about two generations apart- Sparrow could literally be Mavado's grandfather. Not only that, music is social commentary in the Caribbean- especially calypso. When we sing about you - 'yuh reach'. And when we're singing about someone who's not even West Indian - yuh really reach.

Obama really is crossing boundaries. We want this as much as you do.

Bless up, Amanda


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