Sep 22, 2008

FREELOAD : We are Expensive Mixtape ..US$999.99

More than flour, more than rice, more even than Gasoline. Not only is this mixtape hot but it is actually THE MOST EXPENSIVE MIXCD EVER.

Normally it costs $999.99. Wow. Bronx dancing, selecting, trend setting dancehall icon Skerrit Bwoy linked us in early on this mix by him, Jazzy Joyce from Hot97 and Walshy Fire from Black Chiney.

Joyce plays hiphop, Skerrit holds down Dancehall and Walshy drops Soca. Check for the two exclusive dubplates on two of my riddims for Skerrit’s Ghetto Life Entertainment sound system of Jahdan’s Go Round Payola and 77Klash’s Mad Again in his section of the mix.

If you don’t know about Skerrit Bwoy he’s one of the craziest all around entertainers in NYC hailing out of Bronx. Check for his guest appearance in the Mad Again video coming soon, it is absolutely MAD SICK HEAD NUH GOOD.



1 comment:

  1. BIG UP BIG UP Skerrit Bwoy yuh ah gwaan wid tings!!! Big up Walshy Killa
    Dee Goodazzz seh suh (NY-MIA ;^)