Sep 22, 2008

Stephen McGregor Moves Away from the one-riddim-10-artists-concept

It's Monday. New Jamaican Basses for the masses.

Busy Busy and Alberto D'Ascola aka Alborosie (Kingston Town) created a nice anthem with synthie-swagger on a dirrrty south beat with Tempo Riddim bassline adaption.

Busy Signal Ft. Alborosie - Murderer

Dramatic, piano licks, simple beat. Daseca try nothing new, using their standart working style and Demarco spitts in various modes. I'm awaiting the next step in Tropical Bass direction.

Demarco - Go Easy

I love it how McGregor gets away from the one-riddim-10-artists-concept and makes real songs for artists. This one is nearly a Pop song, but a Pop song with nuff style. Love the horns. Still thinking Mavado is the don.

Mavado - So Blessed

Stephen McGregor - So Blessed Instrumental

The "Round Of Applause Riddim" (their is another name, too, for it) is like tribal drums and claps only and begging for you to get your protools on and put a proper bassline and a melody on it. Production credits going to Kirky Dove. Big tunes credits going to Busy Signal, Elephant Man and Vegas. Do it! For real, do it!

Elephant Man - Dancing Ring Round Of Applause Riddim

Mr Vegas - Round Of Applause Round Of Applause Riddim

Busy Signal - Wine Up, Wine Up Round Of Applause Riddim

Kirky Dove - Round Of Applause Riddim


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