Sep 21, 2008

Merciless Back and Ready

After being missing from the local scene for nearly three years, Merciless, whose real name is Leonard Bartley, has returned and is set on making a comeback.

"People them must know that I'm back and ready for the road ... plus me a come with vengeance," Merciless said.

The self-proclaimed 'Warhead' who only returned to the island last month, says he left in March 2005 to do tours in the United States and Europe.

During his time there, he, however, got in trouble with the law and spent seven months in prison. "It was only some immigration issues ... and that has been sorted out. I'm just now focused on getting my music," he said.

Merciless, who is known for songs such as Ole Gallis and Gizzada, said that he was arrested by immigration officers in 2006 for missing a court date. He also says the experience was beneficial as he is now focused on releasing the songs he wrote while in prison.

"Well, I never had any problem ... I just do my writing, read my bible and pray to Father God," he said.

Merciless also said also that while he was in the US, he collaborated with Lil' Jon on Rep Yuh Click and performed in major cities like Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, California and Texas. He also did shows in France, England and Canada.

Now that he is back in Jamaica, the artiste is promising that his image will not change, but he will be making minor adjustments to his music.

"Yeah man! nothing nuh change, but the weather ... cause a me name Merciless so me affi live up to dat. But this time, mi nuh inna the bag a gun tune ... cause di world nuh right, but if the occasion arise, you done know," said the artiste, famous for his lyrical clash with Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man at Sting 2000.

Since his return, Merciless has been working with producers such as Q45, Kings Of Kings, Scatta, and Lenny Hype, recording songs on all their rhythms.

"Me like waa gwaan and right now, I just want to get back ... people remember me for some my songs them, that had the place lock," Merciless said.

The Warhead has also undergone management changes, as he is now managed by SGE Entertainment, based in Florida.


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