Oct 29, 2008

RDX Hype Without Substance


The Scoop

From day one I realised that they(RDX) did not have any money but they( RDX)have drive and that can get you thus far. I met them while working with my brother and reggae singer Bijean,then my company hired Renigade to build and co produce two riddims for Bijean's album.

We hired him for promotions of Bijean singles in the dancehall.then after several weeks I grew to like RDX and the nights out partying were fun and I met alot of people who were influential to the further development and commercialization of RDX but each time I showed them the perspective to get close to these persons in the decision making part of the entertainment industry they would dismiss my advice.

They (RDX) offered me a job to be their road manger I agreed to work and get paid by percentage of each show so I worked hard on shows and promotions I got alot of contacts to print media,TV media and audio media I even fabricated lots of stuff to give credibility to the work and music of RDX just to get the recognition. I quickly noticed two things about the duo of RDX (1)they are not good business men they do not try to make everyone whom they have worked with feel satisfied and try to cement the relation so as to secure future references and call back for future engagements (2)they cant be managed they have been in the industry so long that they think they know it all.

The main engine behind any artistes sucess is continous public relations RDX does not have that.I said to them when they recorded their first single "dance" that we must capitalise on the popularity of the song so as to get the reqiure exposure to the summer and winter tours. When they did the single "everybody dance" the vibe and essence was great but the song blew up and they didnt have the business sense to capitalise on the momentum of the song also they have the view of trying to fuck every good looking or semi good looking woman and they will go after these women or groupies with much gusto more gusto than they showed in their music meaning they will go to much length for some women who cant help them.


RDX went to Japan on the sucess of the singles of "dance and everybody dance",they did not try to secure a visa for me to travel with them as apart of their team they said it was Arif Aopper tour but RDX was the headline act. If was there I would secure major radio and newspaper and entertainment magazines contacts so as to keep the image and works of RDX in the spotlight on that side of the world. This would only help to strenghtening what we are doing here in Jamaica ,they even came back and told me that the tour was not well planned. They could have gotten much more out of the tour like more media exposure lots of radio interviews and more in the streets expoure if they had their full team there with them.

Those contacts were important to submit information of happenings of RDX to keep the all round intrests in Japan,they did not have this so the momentum droped and they did not realised that it takes more than being popular in jamaica to make it successfull international.

US Visa

When they got their usa visa I did not even know it was my girlfriend who saw it on their myspace page,incidentally which I am not on as their top friends lists on their myspace.

If someone would want to contact me through their myspace it would not materialise also they take on lots of managerial task which always result in a fall down in the deal being negotiated and that creates a negative vibe with promoters and other person which they themselves try to broker deals with.

All the success of radio plays and write ups interviews its because of my persistence with bringing the info on RDX to the fore all the time,i get my friends to email text vote for videos. I walk around Kingston and even take bus to rural parishes and put up stickers so as to have the correct coverage of the image and info if any one wants to get in contacts with RDX for business.

When they returned from Japan they rented two cars at 3500 ja daily which is 24000 ja weekly which is 9800o ja$ monthly each, yet still I was not being paid a stipend. When things were slow I asked them from time to time for money and they always had some excuse of not having money, if it was not for my girlfiend and my brother abroad I would not survive I never owed rent and since working for RDX I owed rent had to be hiding from my land lord.

Whenever I got paid they would tell me that I am mean becuase I did not buy them a drink or buy food,I kept explaining that when I settle my expenses I have very little left to do loose spending. I kept explaining to them that they need P.R so as to let show promoters local and abroad know of them so we can get constant bookings so as to let the entity be sucessfull,they said to me when times are hard I should go look rich girls or working girls to give me money. I said why should I do so and I am working with the hottest young acts out of jamaica. They say thats what they do I disagreed regards to doing that. I have not earn $12000 JA from any one show ever since I am working with RDX I have not bought a pair of jeans or shoes or shirt,alot of times I would get clothes from Delomar that he dont wear anymore. I once was wearing an Addidas that was torn at the side so badly that my new girlfriend had to buy a new sneakers for me. I cried because I did not feel like my work was appreciated because they went overseas alot and never once even brought back a shirt or soap for me even in the light of not getting paid for weeks. if I ask they say they do not have it or I get a 1000 JA$.


They always say we are a team but RDX would make a decision and then say to me ,we are not going to that show or we are not doing the interview or they would just dont call me or the person with whom they have the engagement with and turn off their phones and disregard the whole thing. Which I would then have to clear up at a later date and to my expense. They also have a very high disregard for time,which always leave a bad feel with promoters.

They had to repay Jenny Jenny for a show they turned up almost two hours after their schedule time to perform ,I told them the time and they said that they would not be going for the 6pm time but 8pm Jenny was pisssed and wanted her money back. They said that Jenny a hype and is being unfair and they would not be doing her do her any more favors, I told them that she has a right to be upset because there was a breach in the agreement. I had to email,call text Jenny Jenny at my expense for a month before she could get back a mere $33000JA . Decisions for video releasing or singles even the women I talk to they wanted to fully control.


At the "dancers boom" video shoot I had multiple tasks as set manager,driver,security, host to the special guests,I was given $1500 JA for gas I was given $500 for credit and $1000 ja for days money,I said to them please get several handy men to move stuff for the day and to clean up ,they said that the video crew will provide that i said ok.

When the day of filming and I am in Portmore picking up food and ice I got a call that there is no broom or handy persons on set I told RDX, they said I should sort it out,I got 3 boys from my community and they agreed to pay the $1500 in total its has been several months and the boys have not gotten paid for the work they did.

They have collected advance on shows for a month in advance and I am not made aware and they don't give me my part I had to wait till the day of the show that is sometimes a month and a half away,which I think is unfair, I expressed my disapproval but it continued and I said I will remain loyal to them but it was just costing me too much to work for artistes who is not earning anything its just hype.


They were booked for the Olympic festivities but the pay package was not great they agreed to do it,the day before they saw in the papers where the committee got 4 million dollars from the German govt they then decided not to do they show. They knew I was in constant dialog with the organizers but failed to discuss their decisions with me until late that evening, but I knew that they had made a blunder but I kept quiet because I know they would try justify what they had done. The Minister of Culture was livid, and I related that to them they did not care they say they have the world so screw Jamaica. I had to apologize and try to smooth over things with the Minister.

I am affected in so many ways as I have two 10 year old kids which I have not given any good support in 1 and a half year and I can hardly buy the necessary school supplies for my kids, they cant go on school trips because of my limited earning power ,they cant go for ice cream with me because I am not earning much, yet still RDX will call me and say email this or call so and so .

When I say I dont have any money to do so its a huge problem because they think I should go screw some woman to get things done for them. My girlfriend had to move out because I was not getting any money and I am always on the road with RDX and she got fed up and leave because it was just cheaper for her to go back to her family's house where she is very uncomfortable.

I could not also take the fact that RDX had so much bad things to say about fellow artistes even those they are close to and they are not making as much money as these acts or their state of affairs are not up to par as the artiste that they criticize.


We had an agreement with One Third that we will provide some street promotions and produce some songs for them while their manager provide bookings but RDX wanted them to start bookings and they were not paying for PR so no bookings were available and they said that they will pay for the PR but that have not come to fruition, also they have not done any work in studio with 1 third or any street promotions. I then said I wanted to help One Third RDX started to say that I am a traitor but yet still when one third and I go on the road I always ensure that RDX songs are played and played which much flare.

I just gave One Third the avenue to get the correct vibe and to get the songs out there and they paid me by this time RDX started to go places without me and then say I dont call them all day or for 3 days I said what should I use to buy credit,and they could not respond I have worked for the last three months and earning just $4500 in total.

So I had made a decision without telling them that I am leaving but I still pretend to be along with them but I was now fully onboard with one third. they then tell me that I would sit out the r.e.tv school tour I said fine but deleted RDXs number as soon as they hung up because I was now fed up but it did not matter as I had left them a month earlier and they didnt know.

RDX is really Renigade as Delomar cant sing on key well and is constantly flat but he is well guided by Renigade through very good productions and writing,Delomar just issues the songs on the streets and to radio and sound systems,but his pepole skills are low and educational qualification is even worse as he is dense. Renigade thinks he knows too much so his arrogance makes him unbearable and unreachable. RDX has gone to radio and sound system djs telling them not to play anything from one third and not to take or play any music from me,they say one third has not buss yet and i am using RDX name to buss them which is crazy because one third is very popular they just did not have a song but they now have a song so we will see who lasts and who fades.

I have made the move to one third because I think my skills and wisdom and talents will be better appreciated.


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  1. This's a very sad story, i'm a girl and things happen to woman like that every day. There is a song i like and it's Borack Obama favorite song also it was use in his campaign. The name of the song is "Vanity" it was done by "Mystique GP" the meaning of this song is great, i think you should listen to it, from the first time i heard that song i went and buy it from itunes, from that day i been listening to that song until now, because it teach you alot about friends and life it self, i dont know if it will help you, but hay!! i'm just trying to help.