Nov 13, 2008

Guinness Sounds of Greatness Bodyguard VS Rebel T

Junior Vybz of Bodyguard (left) latches on to the Guinness Sounds of Greatness trophy while Mad Ras of Rebel T hugs it, during the coin toss which was held to determine the playing order for the final sound clash. Based on the toss, Bodyguard will play first.

Bodyguard and Rebel T will contest the final of the first ever Guinness Sounds of Greatness Competition this Saturday and Bodyguard will play first. This was decided Monday at a coin-toss event put on by Guinness at Vibes at which time Jerome Hamilton of Headline Entertainment was the official ‘coin-tosser’ and the inaugural trophy was unveiled.

Many have tried, but only two sound systems have made it to the finals of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition. Scheduled for Mas Camp this Saturday, November 15, the competition will see Rebel T and Bodyguard battling it out for the grand prize of a quarter million dollars.

All bets are on about who will take the ultimate title when the two sounds face each other, in what is expected to be the most intense showdown in the competition to date.

“Come prepared to enjoy a very interactive sound clash because the guys are very animated so they are coming with their top game,” said Joseph Oates, Project Manager. “During the night we will be having musical vibes from turbo Crown and Area Code, cash giveaways, Guinness bucket deals and other prizes for the patrons.”

Buoyed by their recent victory over Pieces, Rebel T selectors are going into the finals with a boost of confidence that is sure to help their cause. Bodyguard have proven that they should not be underestimated and are also certain that they will be crowned the inaugural winners of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition.

Come Saturday, everybody’s ‘A’ game will be on but at the end of the night only the best will bag the prize and get bragging rights.

Consistent with its rules throughout the competition, the finals will also feature three rounds: juggling, tune for tune and dub fi dub. This will give the selectors the opportunity to showcase their versatility and creativity. As always, the winner will be selected by crowd support in conjunction with the decision of the judges.

Showtime is at 8pm and ladies can enter free all night; however, men are required to pay an entrance fee of $300 without invitations.


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