Dec 19, 2008

Aidonia Diss Kartel.. and Empire Again??

The rumours ..have been intensifying about the tension between Aidonia and the Portmore Empire. There have been rumour like reports indicating that at a show 3 weeks ago in the Bronx, New York Aidonia reportedly said that Kartel is the Devil and bare Fools and Clowns him have around him and Kartel putting these fools ahead of him and one of them sound like a robot and how Kartel thief the empire from Deva Bratt.

The report also indicated that Adonia was sorry he had left the Alliance camp to now be treated like this by Kartel. This is in contrast to earlier reports that Aidonia has denied dissing Kartel in a track called "Big Matic Nah Laugh"

But bwoy ..all these conflicting reports.. so if it nuh go so nearly go so Anyway it also was reported that the news was a surprise to Kartel ..who reportedly said that he has not seen Aidonia for some 3 weeks and Aidonia can leave the Empire if he wish.. because him (Aidonia) a big man ..and wishes him well But wait.. wasn't Aidonia a member of the J.O.P ..and not empire.. ?

I'm sure we will get more on this least by the 26th I dont know if its this session he did the diss ..the sound quality really poor..


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