Dec 19, 2008

Seven Ways You Can Party During A Recession.

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t go out and spend every penny right now. This was a top ten list, but hey! Times are tough, and people are more likely to get fired then hired at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun. In fact here are 7 good ways to get out and enjoy life right now…

Method One: Recessions come and go, and while money is tight, this is the perfect excuse to throw that bottle party you always wanted to. Even charge $100 a cup and make a profit. What better way to take advantage of a situation. Make money and party at the same time. And who isn’t willing to spend $100 on unlimited beer? Just be careful and don’t invite Frank the Tank.

Method Two: Too old to throw a keg party? Never. But if you don’t think it fits your image… Try this for our “Professional” crowd… A wine mixer. Work too much? Not getting out and mingling? Meeting any hot women lately? No? Well throw a wine mixer! Go down to your local grocery store. Find 3 whites, 3 reds… Pick the ones that aren’t expensive, yet have that cool and unique sounding name or label. Your guests probably won’t know the difference. Invite the hottest girl in the office. And you have the guys in. Then pray she brings her friends. What do you have? A non-expensive, get together… Add some crackers and cheese and you have a nice wine mixer for under a $1000. And you might even get lucky!

Method Three: Happy Hour. See that guy. Yeah that guy! The one with the Benz, bragging he got out before the Cashplus crashed. Has more money than god. And can buy you 10 times over. Make friends. Play the game. Invite him to Happy hour with a few close friends. Make him feel like a god that he thinks he is and drinks are on him. Find a hot girl at the bar… and make your escape before the tab hits. Next day at the office, just be like you got distracted by the girl. Oops!

Method Four: Weddings… Seen “Wedding Crashers”? Who hasn’t? But what most of you don’t know, or are just too scared to try, is that it actually works! Best way for you and a buddy to get hammered drunk for free? The riskier the wedding the better the payout. Slip on a wedding cruise. Or in a big party. Make sure there is an “open bar” and you are money. Just don’t go toasting the bride and groom! Be casual, play it cool. And you have a free hangover.

Method Five: Birthday Party. Who’s birthday is it? Who cares? Find that guy in the office no one notices, or pays attention too. Today, you notice that person! Oh! You have a birthday coming up? We should definitely hit the bar after and celebrate! Drinks are on me. Who turns that down? Not that person. And that is the same person that didn’t come here and read method number three! Get out, run up the tab, find hot girl, toast the birthday person, and leave. Feel guilty? You should. But then again, free drinks and hot girl… maybe not.

Method Six: Corporate Sporting Event. Check the calendar. Look for the one game on the schedule you know your boss isn’t going too. Time it right…. And free tickets to the company suite or seats at the game. Sure you have to pay $90 a beer, but free tickets are just that… FREE. Timing is everything. About 4-5 weeks out start your sucking up, and you should be money. Who wants to see the Lions anyway? Even if you live in Detroit. Go to the game and have a blast.

Method Seven: Best for last… Laid off party! Never heard of it? Start the trend. We are all broke. And who doesn’t feel bad for the guy that just got canned? Take advantage. Have a goodbye party. BYOB. Let them spoil you on your way to homelessness. Who knows…. Might be the last month you live in that house, so make it special!

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