Dec 12, 2008

Nikki Z says Sorry while ZJ Rose Makes her Move

ZJ Rose will temporarily take the reins of ZIP FM's ultra popular morning time show between 6 and 10 a.m.

"I will be rotating the morning spot with my colleague ZJ Sparks, I will be on Thursday through Saturday and ZK Sparks is on Monday to Wednesday. This is a great opportunity to show what I can do, and I am going all out," ZJ Rose told

But what has Nikki z been doing while Rose is making her moves?

On the morning of Dec 4, 2008 during the morning program on Zip 103FM, a song aired that contained some very explicit lyrics. As a radio disc jock it is my duty to ensure my music is suitable for broadcast & free of all explicit words and also free from suggestive lyrics, and, on this morning I failed in doing so. This was an honest mistake that should have never happened. I would like to apologize to all listeners and especially to the children who may have heard this and also their parents and/or guardian who were subjected to it. I am human and I have erred and in doing so offended and angered my loyal listeners to whom I owe an apology.

I would like to use the medium to unequivocally apologize to not only my listeners but also the Broadcast Commission and my Zip 103FM family both of whom I have disappointed. As it was always my intention to entertain the masses to ensure that the listeners start their day with a smile. This was unintentional but still a severely negligent incident.

I have been taken of air, as my fate is to be decided. I hope I continue to be in the hearts and minds of our faithful listeners & please believe I am fully prepared to accept what is deemed a suitable punishment for my indiscretion.



  1. ROse cant compare to Nicki... her voice is just damn annoying... Cant believe nicki let down her fans like dat... Sparks to the world

  2. sparks and rose can gwaan.... but never will they be like nikki. love u nikki........we all human same ting reach liquid so it stay all over..
    wen one door close another is opened such is life thats how we progress...

  3. always say that we are responsible for our actions, happy that nikki taking responsibility, but Zip on a whole need to be careful, im an avid listener and a nuh nikki alone, a just catch them catch nikki. If you know of Broadcast commission work em nuh omni present and a some likkle informa listener call in and them runn the check. Hope nikki get back her place cause yes we all make mistakes and mi really hate waking up to anyone else... Rose can spin and ting and sparks aight, but nikki a the JAVA inna the morning.... Big up uself NIKKKI ZZZZZZ

  4. nikki was the boss but now Rose take it wa from her,nikki chat too much some time,rose gwaa spinn tune