Dec 12, 2008

Renaissance All White Christmas Eve Party Most Anticipated Party of the Christmas Season

The annual Renaissance All White Christmas Eve party will explode on December 24 at the Palisadoes Go Kart Track in Kingston.

Easily one of the most anticipated parties of the Christmas season, the Renaissance party will afford patrons a comfortable party experience. ‘With this year’s ticket price, patrons will be able to enjoy the full bar service and quality musical experience. Its going to be fun with lots of nice people to party with’, Delano Thomas from Renaissance explained.

Renaissance disco’s cadre of selectors, along with a guest selector out of Florida and ZJ Liquid, have been commissioned to take patrons on a musical high with high energy turntable action.

Patrons will be treated to lots of surprises including a Christmas gift, on entry to the party. There will be ample parking and security will be top priority, the promoters have promised.

Tickets for the Renaissance All White Christmas Eve party will cost $2000 for drink inclusive, while a VIP all inclusive ticket will cost $3000. ‘We have really good deals going for the pre-sold tickets so patrons need to capitalize on that’, Thomas said.

Pre-sold tickets are available at Xtra’s Manor Park and Mall Plaza; Esso Tiger mart in Liguanea, Harbour View and Dunrobin; Pizza Pazza in New Kingston; Genus Pharmacy and Glamma’s Boutique in Palm Plaza, Portmore.


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