Dec 30, 2008

Vybz Kartel Was The Last Man Standing

Kartel believes that he won the infamous Sting clash because he was the last man standing on the Jamworld stage on the morning afterwards. “How di bwoy fi say him win the clash when him a repeat him lyrics dem all two time? Him tink people deaf/. Then yu a go run offa stage like tief inna yu police clothes you inna. Run? Don’t run. Him cut with all him bands ’cause when mi look roun mi no see dem, just the equipment,” Vybz Kartel said.

Only a day after the Sting clash, he has recorded a single called Don’t Run on his own Adidjaheim Records label (intro) notnice….di boy run like a wounded dawg, Bruk usain record, Dont run barber boy dont run, The boy dress up like police an a run like thief, Dont run barber boy dont run (chorus)Big yaad .we a di last man standing. Rrifle shot move the gully bankin .gwaan a di barber shop and trim. Next year nuh do no more damn sting. we a di last man standing.a pure big matic gaza man nuh coward like bounty and him. Log on pon youtube watch di damn film.(verse)lisahype.barber boy embarass him Fans

Mi cant believe him run wid him bands Him sing one tune two time when teacha run out wid a million songs. Gaza shub out the 2009 nuh mek nuh more plans

The song has already been released on a number of Internet websites and edited copies have been made available to radio stations. While the Kartel-Mavado clash debate rages on, artistes such as Kip Rich and Merciless can rejoice because they emerged emphatic winners on the night of Sting.

First, Kip Rich put in a brilliant performance to grab the initiative with the song Can Defend It earning several forwards to lyrically kill the Monster Hemp Higher who was booed for their troubles when they hit the stage to respond a few minutes later. Merciless was also in sparkling form and he earned several forwards for his ’sample speech’ and for his song that declared that ‘Bounty a bowas’ using the melody from Chris Brown’s With You. He also promised that ‘tonight ah Ninjaman memorial’ to huge cheers from the audience.



  1. kartel a di boss di real gansta an gaza thug a gaza mi seh fi life empire to di worl kartel di victorious one dlastman standing

  2. eh seet deh? me no seh di "gully gaad" full ah shit him a pussy in a bomboclaat panty vybz kartel win di klash a so me seet.