Apr 5, 2009

20 Questions for Ce'cile including "what is the naughtiest thing she has ever done?"

Ever had certain thoughts, (and guys this is directed at the ladies) about the opposite sex and you just found a song that gave you that took-the-words-out of-my-mouth kinda feeling?

Remember these songs: "Give It To Me" ( covering the Taboo subject of oral sex), "Can You Do Di Work?" ( speaks for itself right, I mean ladies how many times have you met a man that talks a good game and all you're thinking is yes I hear you, but can you deliver?), how about"Goody" --only for the confident, sexy woman. hellooooo!!!

Who could deliver these kind of hard hitting, in-your-face, don't-give-a-damn-cause-I'm-telling-the-truth lyrics? Gotta be someone with confidence for sure, a certain sense of freedom maybe, talent is a must. Now this lady has not only done that but she has endured! Why??? Cause she's also smart, classy, fun, and an overall great talent. Arite arite,

The granddaughter of Mandeville's cherished mayor, Ce'Cile is loved from the gully to Miami's Flashy South Beach and the steets of Tokyo Japan. She is a chamelean switching from Dancehall to Reggae to Ska never missing a beat!

She just wrapped up a German Tour with Peter Fox the former lead singer of Germany's most successful Reggae Band Seeed who has gone double platinum and counting with his début solo album; Stadtaffe (City Ape) which was released in September 2008.

20 Questions and Answers

1. So what is Ce'cile's last name? Charlton

2. How hard was it growing up the daughter of a prominent family while doing dancehall music? Mandeville is very small, at the time very nice, everyone knew everyone and was like a family, I was a little rebel so instead of being at the society dinners, I probably was hanging with my friends listening to dancehall in the taxis.

3. So What would you say was your first break? A cover of JLo "If You had my Love"

4. How do you maintain the boundaries between the business of music and your personal life? I think I have handled it "OK" before, but it could have been better, I plan to do it better. I don't want to be with anyone associated with my business.

5. What is the naughtiest thing the "Bad Gyal" has done? As crazy asit may seem, I'm not naughty at all ...I still have plans to be

6. What advice do you have for women trying to get in the industry? Finish education-at least high school and some college, figure out when you want to start a family, once you start it's hard to stop unless you are totally financially ok, and write, write,write non-stop!

7.If you could only have three things in your purse at anytime what would they be? Lip gloss, Blackberry, money

8. Who is your ideal man and have you met him? I'm not sure I have met him, but the ideal man is the one you recognizes loves you for who you are and is proud to be with you.

9.If you could spy on anyone who would it be and why? Michelle and Barack Obama, doesn't everyone want to spy on them?

10. What is your worst habit? Biting my lips, they get so chapped at times, but I'm good at hiding it

11. Who's sexier: Konshens or Tyson Beckford? Definitely Tyson-better body.

12. Japan or Miami? Jeeezz, Miami only caz it's closer.

13. Lace or leather? Leather.

14. A sexy smile or great hands (on a guy)? Great hands.

15. Knowledge or wisdom? Wisdom

16. I love my Blackberry

17. I relax by my sound spa- to the sounds of rain or waterfalls

18. Condoms should be worn at all times

19.If I had superhuman powers I would want to fly through walls

20.Ce'cile just got off tour in Europe. It was very cold, but I love my work.


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  1. quimiliciousApril 19, 2010

    like seriously....i just heard that ur brother carey died....is this true?