Apr 30, 2009

Barcode Promoter , Ibrahim 'IB' Konteh Shot during Robbery

Promoter of the party Barcode, Ibrahim 'IB' Konteh, was shot and injured on Tuesday night along Windward Road, Kingston.

Konteh said he was on his way from Harbour View, on business, when his car dropped into a pothole about 10 p.m. Upon noticing a problem with the vehicle, he decided to stop at a Shell gas station on Windward Road.

"I pulled over at the gas station and somebody ask me if everything all right and then seh him want everything," said Konteh, who is also the new CEAC (Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Chairperson) on the University of the West Indies (Mona) Guild executive body.

He did not have any money on him but the robber took $15,000 from one of his friends and a 'cheap' Nokia phone from the other.

Afterwards, they began to pull Konteh but he resisted and was shot in his leg below the knee. His friends took him to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was treated and released.

"I can't walk on it (the leg), I am bedridden but the doctor said I will recover in probably a week or two. I missed my exam (yesterday) and I will miss the one tomorrow (Thursday) and some Barcode promotions - but mi give thanks fi life," Konteh said.

In addition to Barcode, Konteh promotes the New Year's Eve party 11:59. He also helps in the managing and coordinating of other parties like French Kiss, Drinkers' Paradise, May Daze, Rum Mania and Russian Roulette.

The next staging of Barcode is on June 27 at The Rum Capitol, St Andrew.



  1. Jah know mi dan..sorry fi hear still, but mi glad the man aight zeet...

    LawLess Events..

  2. Gwaan give tanx fi life!

    Derrick "BacRat" Vermont