Apr 30, 2009

New Single from Tanya Stephens- Reminiscing from Her Upcoming Album

The first new tune from Tanya Stephens in a long long time. It's nice to have her back with this cut on the one drop reggae of Baby G's Good Love riddim:

MP3: Tanya Stephens - Reminiscing

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But speaking of reminiscing, I miss hearing Tanya on bashment rhythms; for the last few years her releases have been almost entirely reggae songs. I'd love to hear more new tracks in the style of Touch Me No More (Diwali), Please Me (Tai Chi), Draw Fi Mi Finger (Filthy) or Addiction (Bollywood).

Her clever and provocative feminine/feminist lyrics and nasal MC/deejay delivery made her one of my favourite dancehall artists, male or female. And as much as I love Natalie Storm, Cecile, Tifa, Macka Diamond, Timberlee et al, Tanya's more bashy style is sorely missed in a scene where men still dominate.

Last August it was reported that she would soon be releasing her seventh album, Infallible, as well as a novel called Behind These Shades. Neither project appears to have materialised yet, but hopefully they will before 2009 is out.


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