Apr 30, 2009

Accident withWorld's Fastest Man Usain Bolt and BMW's Fastest Car in Jamaica

The news broke on Facebook yesterday of 100 and 200-metre record holder Usain Bolt escaping serious injury and possibly death yesterday in a motor car accident along Highway 2000. Bolt wrote off his $15.3-million 2009 BMW M3 Coupe when he hit the partition on the Vineyard Toll section of Highway 2000 in St Catherine. The triple Olympic gold medallist, who sustained only minor injuries to the ball of his feet, caused by thorns when leaving the ill-fated car, was released from the Spanish Town Hospital after some three hours of examination by doctors. He shortly after declared himself in "good" health. "Mi good man. Mi alright, a just few cuts man, mi alright," Bolt assured the Observer prior to boarding another of his three cars, a 2003 Honda Euro R motor car, and driven away by a friend shortly after 5:00 pm. Both of the 22-year-old sprinter's feet were strapped with bandages. Reports are that the two female passengers, who were travelling with Bolt, also escaped major injury. News of the accident spread like wildfire across the island, with Jamaicans anxiously enquiring after the condition of the Olympic hero. He was visited at the hospital by family members including his younger brother, Sadiki, an aunt and cousins, as well as close friend, Mizicann Evans.

Bolt's manager Norman Peart confirmed that the lanky sprinter had escaped serious injury. Triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt speaks to journalists following his release from the Spanish Town Hospital in St Catherine where he was taken for treatment for injuries he received in a car crash on the Vineyard Toll section of Highway 2000 in the parish yesterday. "No injuries. Basically after the accident he came out of the vehicle and stepped on some thorns and a few of them got stuck in his toes, so that's about it for him," Peart told the Observer. "It's just a few superficial laceration on his toes. But, of course, we'll have to do further checks later to make sure he's completely fine," added the manager. The 2008 IAAF Sportsman of the year had been travelling into Kingston from the direction of May Pen, Clarendon with two female friends shortly after 1:00 pm, when the accident occurred, approximately 500 metres from the toll plaza. The road was slippery from afternoon showers. Investigating officer, Sergeant David Sheriff of the Old Harbour Police station told the Observer that the accident was caused due to the wet road surface.

SOURCE : Jamaica Observer


  1. Usain Bolt is made to run; he's obviously got some talent and discipline