May 5, 2009

Is There a Flippa Mafia vs Bounty Killa Fued ?

There have been a number of comments on the internet in relation to whether Bounty Killa and Flippa Mafia have some beef going on. It has been said that Flippa have been around for some time and might appear to be new to the business of dancehall to some but he not that new.

Described as the 'flosing king' and is well known to throw money at his crowds and sing mostly about his assets and indicating that he has worked for them and how expensive they are..

Word have it that Flippa had a show in the States sometime ago and he was burnt by the fact that neither bounty nor Mavado turned up.. and apparently Flippa have been flipping since.

In the song where Flippa talks about his "vehicles cant be more expensive than his house" and that "some bwoy a hype over unfinished house"; Bounty Killa appear to be the target here.. with him being the guy who is in the lime light that took some time to complete his dream home... so it would appear that this is perhaps some disrespect to the 'grung god' ..and there is mention of Elephant man who, also according to some, invest a lot in his vehicles and have low-keyed interest in real estate.


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