May 5, 2009

Vybz Kartel's Vybz Rum the Official Rum of Dancehall Music

Vybz Rum, was Kartel’s first licensing agreement, and his first major endorsement with a beverage company. “His iconic nature resonates everywhere he goes. Kartel is like the Jay Z of the dancehall music world,” according to Corey Todd , one of the principal shareholders in the company that are the main distributors of the energy drink, Pimp Juice that will be distributing the rum.

“We chose Kartel for his diversity and we believe with the right push he could be huge internationally. We also believe he is the future of dancehall. We plan to market the product in various ways not only with dancehall but also hip hop we are in talks with a few hip hop artistes,” Mr. Todd said.

For his part, Vybz Kartel is enthusiastic regarding his first major endorsement deal with a beverage. “This represents a great opportunity for me and for the dancehall community to show Corporate Jamaica that the industry can be taken seriously as a viable economic force because of the influence and power that dancehall wields as an art form in Jamaica. We will be going all out to make Vybz Rum a big success,” he said.

The Vybz Rum product will be provided in two distinct types: a white rum and a red rum. The white rum is triple distilled and the red rum will be a five year aged product. The product will be available in Jamaica in December in a limited quantity for 2007 and in 2008, and made available in the UK, US and the rest of the Caribbean on a phased basis. Each bottle will be hand numbered for quality control and accounting purposes.

Anyone interested in selling Vybz Rum in their stores, clubs, on their events, in their dancehalls or concerts can contact us for more information at:


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