Jun 23, 2009

FREELOAD: Stir It Up Vol. 8 - Trial & Crosses - Twin of Twins

Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor and Paul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor, better known as Twin of Twins, have just released Volume 8 of their “Stir It Up” comic satire series;

The skits are all based in court with Judge ‘Mutabaruka’ in charge of the proceedings. There are three cases:

Case 1. Bounty Killer vs Monster Empire (The Lord of the rims) … ‘Bounty Killer’ and ‘Round Head’ go at it about the rims that Bounty Killer reportedly loaned Round Head then asked back for them.

Case 2. Mavado vs Vybz Kartel (Gully n Gaza) - the on-going Alliance/Gully vs. Portmore Empire conflict is taken to court with both ‘Mavado’ and ‘Vybz Kartel’ being asked to take the stand. Various ‘witnesses’ are called including ‘Jeffrey Hype’ (Vybz Kartel’s road manager), ‘Julian Jones-Griffith’ (Mavado’s manager), Steve (Mavado’s brother) and a Japanese sound system operator.

Case 3. The seven star General (L.A. Lewis) - the ’seven star general’ is brought to court by Lady Marsha on a variety of charges.

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